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About Us

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LC Rotary is a rotary engine specialist based in Orpington Kent. With over 10 years experience driving Mazda Rx7 & Rx8, the journey has gone from a passionate hobby to a serious quality business. This passion is reflected in every car we sell, every engine we build, even in the quality of the parts we use and sell. We always have a range of fully maintained and serviced cars for sale, Rx7’s, Rx8’s 192, 231, Pz, etc.

The Workshop handles everything from standards services, engine rebuilds through to custom performance upgrades. We have a relationship with all the key suppliers of rotary parts and therefore always use the best components.

New parts sales is going from strength to strength, we’re focusing on providing quality OEM and Aftermarket parts which maintains our reputation and provides value for money. We have a warehouse full of quality secondhand parts, everything from wheel nuts to body shells. We have constantly moving stock, if we haven’t got a part we can generally get it.

Our aim is to provide a service “Second to None”, by keeping your rotary engines in tip-top condition and providing help when help is needed. Our reputation is paramount and we’ll do whatever is needed to maintain it.


Our roots stem from engine rebuilds where we’ve established a reputation for quality and reliability and on the back of this we’ve developed into a “one-stop-shop” for rotary engine cars. And its not just about our ability to source and supply parts, its about knowledge and experience. Because we specialise in this niche market, our Team has a breath of knowledge where there is very little we can’t fix or provide solutions too. Over the last couple of years our horizons have expanded significantly and we’re now engaging in major development projects, the most significant to date being the implementation of an RX8 Renesis Top Mount “Single Turbo” solution, believed to be the first in the UK.

The Team:

Lewis Corps:

Lewis started LC Rotary back in 2010 and has taken it from a hobby to a well established and respected rotary specialist. His skill-set is his knowledge and experience in all aspects of the rotary marketplace.

Lewis Corps proprietor of "LC Rotary"


Reece Sherwood:

Reece set up LC Rotary Sales in parallel with LC Rotary in 2014. There were obvious benefits for the two businesses to work hand-in-hand. Reece has a strong retails sales background and this combined with his love and hands on approach to Japanese performance cars, made this venue a no-brainer! Reece and Lewis work well together and make an ideal team!

Reece Sherwood Proprietor of "LC ROTARY SALES"

In 2014 Reece also setup a business breaking and selling rotary secondhand parts, again this organic growth was a no-brainer. 

Josh Digby:

Josh is the new kid on the block “Lewis’s Apprentice”, he’s fortunately learning all Lewis good points, however he’s sensible enough to discard all the bad points!! Josh is doing well and is a valuable and trustworthy member of the team. Negatives! “Food” will eat anything, unfortunately this is one of Lewis’s traits he didn’t discard.


Our Projects:

Mazda Rx8 – Renesis: Top Mount Turbo.

  • Street Port Engine
  • Custom Twin Spool Borg Warner Turbo
  • Front Mount Intercooler
  • In-house Custom Made Down Pipe/Exhaust Manifold
  • Adaptronics ECU
  • Water/Meths Injection
  • Custom Induction
  • Custom Cooling System
  • Mapping
  • Gauges etc, etc..........
  • 351 BHP at the wheels



Mazda Rx8 – FD: Rx7 Semi-Peripheral Single Turbo Engine Transplant

  • Large Ported Semi-Peripheral Rx7 Engine
  • Large Single Turbo
  • V Mount Intercooler and Radiator
  • In-house Custom Made Down Pipe/Exhaust Manifold
  • Fuel Tech ECU
  • Water/Meths Injection
  • Custom Induction
  • Custom Cooling System
  • Mapping etc, etc..........

 Semi-Peripheral Rx7 Engine


Mazda Rx7 – FD: Big Single Turbo Conversion

  • Large Street Ported Engine
  • Large Single Turbo
  • Front Mount Intercooler and Radiator
  • Custom Induction
  • Custom Electronic Cooling System
  • Custom Exhaust System
  • Upgrade ECU
  • Mapping
  • Uprated Coilovers
  • Uprated Brakes
  • Gauges etc, etc..........

 Mazda Rx7 Single Turbo Project


  • Mazda Rx7 – FC: Elford

  • Mazda Rx8 – R3: Track Car

  • Mazda Rx8 – FD: Rx7 Single Turbo Engine Transplant

  • Etc, Etc ......


LC Rotary LC Rotary: 
 LC Rotary Sales:
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Register Address:
Unit 4. Westwood Cottage, Rock Hill, Orpington, Kent. BR6 7PP.

VAT Registered:
LC Rotary:           232194723
LC Rotary Sales: 230749710