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Compression Test

LC Rotary

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Compression Test

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Compression/Health Test.

One way of determining the heath of a Rotary engine is to conduct a "Compression" test. Done correctly this will give you a good indication of general condition of each Rotor's Apex, Side and Corner Seals. It will be necessary to "Normalise" results to a Crank speed of 250 rpm. It would be extremely rare for the engine to crank at that exact speed. 


(The engine must be at normal operating temperature)
1. Remove the Leading spark-plug on each Rotor. (Disconnect Crank Case Sensor).
2. With the throttle wide open, crank engine to clear out any liquid or contaminates in the rotor housings.
3. Connect up Calibration Equipment.
4. Screw the calibrated pressure Transducers into the leading spark plug hole on each rotor housing.
4. Crank engine with throttle wide open and the clutch pedal fully down.
5. Using the Laptop record output from measurement equipment.
6. Convert readings into required figures.
7. Normalise results for 250rpm.
8. Record actual "Compression Test Results" (see below).
9. Print Customer Hardcopy.
Compression Test LC Rotary


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